Predator - The Duel Mobile Game

Predator - The Duel Mobile Game



Predator - The Duel Mobile brings completely addicting action game fun to your cell phone!

Apache Warrior Mobile is available to customers of AT&T, CellularOne, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon.

Predator - The Duel Mobile Game Description

Play as Predator as well as Duke to complete the missions given to you. Use special powers of Predator such as X-ray mode, invisible mode to kill the soldiers. For Duke use stealth to go past soldiers while escaping.

How to Download or Purchase Java Mobile Games

  • 1. Click the "Play Game" (or "Purchase Now" if you choose to buy) button
  • 2. Enter your PHONE NUMBER and choose CARRIER
  • 3. Wait for a SMS (Text Message) on your phone. Confirm your PIN code.
Play Predator - The Duel Mobile Game

The game is compatible with the phones produced by: LG, Motorola, Nokia, nokia, Samsung, SonyEricsson (click here for phone compatibility chart)

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