Titania Love Match Mobile Game

Titania Love Match Mobile Game



Titania Love Match Mobile brings completely addicting puzzle game fun to your cell phone!

Apache Warrior Mobile is available to customers of AT&T, CellularOne, Sprint, T-Mobile.

Titania Love Match Mobile Game Description

Titania's Love Match is based on a collection of nine mini-books, which are currently available for sale at all good book shops. To calculate your day number, take your birth date - for example, 25th Dec. Using just the number of the day, this translates to - 2 and 5, add 2 and 5 resulting in a day number of 7. A user will then select, Love, Work or Friendship, they will then enter their day number and the day number of the individual they wish to match themselves to. By doing so a user may reveal amazing facts about their character and behaviour, and the compatibility ratings they have for their DAY number. They will also discover much they didn't know about their childhood, career, leisure time and love prospects in conjunction with every other DAY number.

game by GameMission

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  • 2. Enter your PHONE NUMBER and choose CARRIER
  • 3. Wait for a SMS (Text Message) on your phone. Confirm your PIN code.
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The game is compatible with the phones produced by: LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, SonyEricsson (click here for phone compatibility chart)

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